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So thank you, atlasobscura.com. Not the movie, but this place. Elmcrest Hospital has no dark secrets, that we know of. But when complications with the local wetlands arose, the prison was forced to close down. After an unexplained apocalypse decimates the world, a man and his son trek towards the coast in hope of survival. Exploring With Josh . And yes, the characters aren’t as fun as we’re used to from these franchises. Exploring With Josh/YouTube Advert Hong Kong Central Hospital was once the largest abortion hospital in the entirety of Hong Kong, conducting around 60 per cent of the city’s terminations. One stop, in fact the first stop, on this grand adventure is the abandoned planet Morag. This place did not feel haunted at all. I don’t know what the connection is there, but both genres seem to have a lot of abandoned settings. They really helped out. So last year, I wrote a sequel: the Top 10 Movies filmed in abandoned places. Luckily, we had absolutely beautiful weather for our trip. Following his passing a decade ago, he left the grounds to the State of Connecticut to become a public park. If you follow the right paths, you can see the much darker and quieter corners of the monstrous facility. #8 – House of Dust – Mansfield Training School. I did the best I could to provide a nice mix of indie gems and Hollywood blockbusters. #2 – North Truro Air Force Station, Truro, Massachusetts. We had been covering abandoned places for several years at this point. YouTube/Exploring With Josh This place has undoubtedly seen some truly horrifying sights. Life found a way. Scuffed Exploring With Josh Ep 1b: Trouble Keeping a Fire. 0. TFIL: Don't forget to enter the contest to win an overnight investigation with us! Left empty since the nineties, this old Cold War base is now nothing more than a ghost town. List of Best Abandoned Places Youtube Channels for urban explorers. Western Massachusetts has kind of become the great untapped resource for us. Two are smaller/more compact buildings. Get it? Now that that’s out of the way, the first chapter in this story tells of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins before the events of the original trilogy. I make several trips a year up there to work on movies, but its rare we go up there together to explore abandoned places. In 2019, officials with the Health Service Executive, which owns the hospital, said it would be selling sections of the property, local station Shannonside reported. Yes, another great place to visit on Cape Cod. Even after all these years she still remains such a mystery. She limped on up until 1993, when her doors were finally closed for good. It is quite similar to her cousin Fort Wetherill, which we’ll get to. And these were the areas that clearly haven’t gotten any support or upkeep. And there it sat for many years, even after being registered as a National Historic Landmark. Unfortunately, this list is going to be mostly horror movies, as mentioned above, and comic book movies. Location: J.N. And the prison itself casts a giant shadow over her host city. An interesting piece of trivia about this movie though is that it was one of the bigger ones to take advantage of shooting in the city of Detroit during their financial crisis. Did we miss any out? We don’t know. 0 You just had to look a little harder for it. We all know the story. Its always fun to compare fictitious abandoned places to real ones. I sometimes wish that Marvel would just keep the Guardians separate from the rest of the MCU. But it isn’t long before the bad guys show up and all kinds of action ensues. In the days long since passed, there was a train which ferried passengers to the top of Mount Beacon during the summer/fall seasons. Her name is Elmcrest Hospital, and she is bit more peculiar than most. abandon abandoned abandoned house abandoned mansion abandoned places Abandoned uk adventure avid ventures bright sun films carlo paolozza creepy daa dee oh ddogg vlogs decay decay is headed your way derelict derelict in the uk documentary evp exploration exploration unknown explore explore with us exploring exploring with josh exploring with rick & bekah ghost ghosts haunted jp … Now only ghostly ruins still stand all over the woods. View Image. Others said that pieces of it still stood. Children Experimented On injected With Radiation - Abandoned State School by Exploring With Josh 9 months ago 26 minutes 708,051 views. I wouldn’t call it a horror movie, but it is pretty dark. Now you can follow the ghostly ruins of the old railway to the top, where you are rewarded with an absolutely breathtaking view of the Hudson River Valley. Men, women, and even a few children were held here. It employed hundreds of locals, and served as a watchdog for the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. His home belongs to someone else. While the main hall is much larger, and very dark inside. PREV VIDEO NEXT VIDEO MORE VIDEOS. And that’s our list! Exploring With Josh went to an unnamed abandoned hospital in Texas that had to be evacuated in a hurry. Old cell blocks. #2 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Michigan Central Station. But it’s my list. This 2011 action film really doesn’t get enough credit. One day it will be fifty degrees out. Jul 19, 2016 - Explore Wesley Carr's board "Exploring With Josh", followed by 425 people on Pinterest. Visiting Elmcrest Hospital was a bit of a challenge. It just feels too touristy to me. 3:58. After the bloody disastrous events of the first film, the Jurassic World theme park is now abandoned. After a long legal battle, Six Flags was able to break their lease on the park and left it abandoned. Speaking for myself, I felt no such ominous presence here. Exploring Abandoned Locations in New England, Follow Abandoned Wonders on WordPress.com, Rise and Shine – The Abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary, Off the Beaten Path – The Abandoned Rutland Prison Camp, Mansions of Memory – The Abandoned Elmcrest Hospital, The Top Ten Movies Filmed in Abandoned Places, One Day Too Late – The Abandoned Ladd School, Top 5 Abandoned Places that Aren’t There Anymore, Top 5 Abandoned Places to Visit this Summer. Finding any history on this place was difficult. Together with Urban Exploring friends they travel around the world in search of the most spectacular abandoned … But what many don’t know is that the estate once had its own small railway system. Daring photographer Joshua Gold probably found himself asking this very same question while exploring an abandoned hospital in Troy, New York. There it is. 0. After closing in 2009, this behemoth took on the honor of becoming the largest abandoned school on the entire eastern seaboard. EXPLORING A HAUNTED ABANDONED HOSPITAL | (chased out) sam and colby merch: 217,691 Likes: 217,691 Dislikes: 3,297,814 views views: 3.57M followers: Comedy: Upload TimePublished on 27 Aug 2017: Related keywords . VLOG WEEK 2 – THE DOG | JAMIE GENEVIEVE . But ones that involve abandoned places always interest me. With a much more intimate setting and a much less trouble past, Elmcrest Hospital stands in a class all her own. Much like abandoned churches, hospitals and asylums are particularly alluring destinations because of this shadowy history. Urban Exploration: Abandoned Pripyat Series (Preview) Decay is headed your way! Here are a few of our favorite abandoned places across New England to go hiking! It may be one of the most picturesque parts of New England, but it has its share of secrets. Believed to be the most haunted building in the country, this abandoned house plays a major role in the film’s climax. August 28, 2016. NEXT. Under increased scrutiny, ownership was transferred to Hartford Hospital shortly after before the grounds closed all together in 2006. Got any other places you think are great for hiking? This may be this most difficult hike on the list, but it is also the most rewarding. Rating: 4.5; Vote: 2. As aforementioned, this is Philadelphia’s colossal Eastern State Penitentiary. Broken down barber chairs. Shortly after our visit to the historic Talcottville Mill, funding was approved by the local government to redevelop the area into apartment complexes. Tourist shops decay after years of neglect. Exploring With Josh went to an unnamed abandoned hospital in Texas that had to be evacuated in a hurry. BUT…I still think this place is pretty cool. A remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 cult classic, The Hills Have Eyes more or less proved to the world that remakes of horror films can actually be good when put in the right hands. May 21, 2016 - Explore Harry Taylor's board "Exploring with Josh !!!! This is one of the rare, positive pieces you will find on this site. Unpaved roads, untamed wilderness, and a total lack of other people can hinder your journey. Fair warning, there will be a lot of military installations in this piece. I, of course, did not grab a headset. And if you look close enough, you can still see the shadows of the former resort. September 4, 2016. Windows were smashed. Some said it had been destroyed. None the less, this place was very cool to explore. This trilogy was a mess. It's truly shocking what was left behind and eerie to think that not too long ago, the halls were filled with doctors, nurses and patients. No Comments “GOLD POINT Known originally as Lime Point, … It really doesn’t get enough attention. What makes this new gang interesting, beside being headed by Jessica Biel and a young Ryan Reynolds, is their hideout. Exploring With Josh – Abandoned 737 Plane Location Location: Abandoned aircraft, Kutuh, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia Google Maps Co-ordinates: -8.832006, … Greetings, everyone. It has modern streetwear for the urban explorer, as well as photo prints from abandoned places around the world. There is still plenty to see here, and a few bunkers are still accessible to the public. 0. And that’s our list! Starring TV veteran actor David Caruso and a young Josh Lucas, the film follows an asbestos removal crew slowly unraveling mentally while working in a ghostly abandoned hospital. Full disclosure right out of the gate: this place is NOT technically abandoned. But that didn’t matter to us, because we would’ve walked in anyway. Along a winding trail, there are dozens of old enclosures, cages, and habitats that once housed the former residents of this shelter. A failed idea from the 1986 Expo in Vancouver, this floating McDonald’s has been bobbing around in the water ever since. #7 – Manchester Drive-In (Manchester, CT). I love watching them, talking about them, and being in them. And it is really spooky. The film follows agent 007 on his latest adventure, pursuing the mysterious villain Raoul Silva, whose evil lair just happens to be the deserted industrial island of Hashima. It is the largest place on this list, and completely legal to visit. Exploring With Josh. Though many redevelopment proposals have come up, the grounds still remain empty. One of the key sites of that adventure is the notorious Shrieking Shack. Others said that certain buildings could still be seen and explored. But over the years the Ladd School evolved into something else entirely. We never find out why an entire planet is abandoned, but it’s still really cool. Furniture. It fits right in with the rising trend of “Arrested Decay,” or a “Preserved Ruin.” Abandoned places such as Eastern State Penitentiary find new life and provide sustenance to their communities through this new endeavor. It’s hindered us from several planned urban exploration journeys this month. I even went there once a kid for a class picnic. In 1997, it was then purchased by the larger Saint Francis Hospital. We’ve been all over the East Coast this year, and thank you to all that have been along for the ride. If you’re like us, that is. #4 – Norton Paper Mill, Colchester, Connecticut. Enjoy! Exploring With Josh launched his main YouTube channel in 2013. Consisting of several buildings all connected by a system of underground tunnels, this abandoned hospital dates back to world war 1 and the days of Tuberculosis. Jul 19, 2016 - Explore Wesley Carr's board "Exploring With Josh", followed by 425 people on Pinterest. Serving for years as a state hospital and institution, the main hospital was closed in the 1970’s. Not even the official website helped. #4 – Shade Swamp Shelter (Farmington, CT). One of my personal favorite horror films. We’re really sticking with the New England theme here. Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, the park was left flooded for some time. Truly, I am going to try my best to keep the horror movies to a limit here. YouTube content creator who video blogs his explorations of abandoned places and buildings, sometimes in places that turn out to be horrifying. The two sites are about a mile from each other. The guests of the prison were usually there for non-violent crimes such as public intoxication or taxation troubles. It’s still winter, and there’s still a ton of snow on the ground. It was tragic. It just has a totally different experience. Did we miss any out? Director James Gunn (as always) brings a fabulous soundtrack, memorable characters (except for his annoying brother), and a great story to life. The scariest part of all? It really does stand out A LOT from the rest of the city. #3 – Fort Mansfield, Watch Hill, Rhode Island. If you follow anything we post here, you should know by now how much we love to hike. And that’s our list! Global Film Locations. Of course you did. 0. The plan was designed with the administration building at the centre of the bat-shaped building. I’m going to be honest. Yes, the PG-13 rating kind of killed the mood. We, of course, chose the self-guided tour. There was a lot of litter inside the main hall. Abandoned. Though now demolished, filming of the movie’s ambiguous ending took place in the historic Griggs House in Patapsco Valley National Park (where most of the filming occurred). His town lies in ruin. But every once in awhile, we come across a place that may not be as exciting as an abandoned asylum but is still a fun place to hike. It appears now that we were too late. It is completely legal to visit, and unfortunately many vandals take advantage of that. Watch your step, and don’t look down. #2 – Sector 13 – The Hills Have Eyes (2006). It began with the opening of the London Asylum for the Insane in 1870 when the location was considered outside London city limits. Likes/shares/comments/concerns/confessions/criticisms/questions are always welcomed. Former abandoned places are provided with just enough support to keep from falling into complete disrepair. Their point of access to this phantom structure is the now abandoned Razorback Point whaling station. That classic abandoned place smell (you know what I’m talking about). Seaside Sanatorium is both captivatingly beautiful and hauntingly tragic. There are guided tours. The farther we hiked, the more anxious I got that we weren’t going to find the ruins. There was a large soccer field there. Fort Wetherill really is a magical place. That said, I absolutely love this film. About Abandoned Hospital And Asylum Exploration. This was one of my absolute favorite movies growing up. With good weather, it is a really nice hike. (Police Catch Us) FB Twitter Reddit. But it really is a cool place. Though it is now a popular tourist attraction, this long stretch of abandoned highway was bypassed by a series of new roads. And with the old mill gone, she can finally rest in piece. Unfortunately, there was not much to see here anyway. With the snow storm the week prior, the tunnels were flooded with several feet of water. Once one of the largest and most ambitious correctional facilities in American history, this place has truly become a legend. In order to capture this, the filmmakers turned to the famous abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. Each structure has its own unique feel to it. But in the center of it all sits a plaque detailing the history of the Ladd School. But…the abandoned Jurassic World setting is really really cool. Being forced to house more than expected, along with it’s archaic design, eventually forced the prison to close it’s doors for good in 1971. Though cars no longer travel down it, local cyclists certainly enjoy it. But recently, the entire house has been refinished. Director Alexander Aja takes Craven’s original premise and puts a very unique twist on it all. It is certainly one of the toughest abandoned places we have ever visited, in the sense that this place has been through a lot and still stands. Though many redevelopment proposals have come forward, it still sits abandoned. On a nice sunny day, this place is not only great for hiking but is also a treasure trove for all you nature photographers out there. Abandoned … It really is a pain in the ass to find, especially if the wind is blowing. Empty. This year alone, we’ve covered places in New York, Boston, and now the City of Brotherly Love. Cool for us, I guess. Sitting pretty right on the lovely Long Island Sound, this place has changed quite a bit over the years. As per tradition, we start this list off with one of my movies. The old building is slowly sinking into the water, just as its new occupant slowly descends deeper into madness. A few multi-purpose buildings stood around. The Green House was an absolute chill in the bone to visit. Only this time, the summer camp where Jason Vorhees tragically drowned is now abandoned. It’s more or less a museum. Hooray. Just something to fill time. It looks like a brand new house. The story follows the Carter Family, traveling across the western desert to California on vacation. And the dinosaurs now roam freely once again. Some said that it had been demolished years ago. Opening in the early 1940’s, Elmcrest was established by uniting four mansions together in Portland, Connecticut, to form the facility. It’s importance is subtly teased throughout the film. So, since we don’t really have anything new for you guys right now, it’s time to look ahead. #1 – Chester-Hudson Quarry (Beckett, Massachusetts). Though Hearthstone seems really cool, I feel like everyone covers it. Adam Memorial Hospital, County Road 58, Perrysburg, NY, United States (The hospital catered for tuberculosis sufferers opened in 1909 up until it’s closure in 1995 – More Info) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 42.449333, -79.000658. Adam Memorial Hospital, County Road 58, Perrysburg, NY, United States (The hospital catered for tuberculosis sufferers … This place was not creepy or haunting. Since the last few Top 5 Lists we’ve published lately have gotten some decent views, let’s keep this going. He drives a limo for money, and keeps a low profile after the near extinction of all mutant kind. For the moment I would like to put this minor controversy aside and invite you to view the most comprehensive Exploring with Josh playlist. Wild ducks quacked through the air. We even did a three part piece on it a few years ago. But for some reason, this abandoned house was really disturbing to me. Now, she is nothing more than a shadow of her former self. I think the title of this movie kind of explains the plot better than I could. There was no graffiti or vandalism. I keep finding more and more places up here for us to explore, yet we never really found the time to check them out. These films only explore them. Two ways to enter! September 4, 2016. Let us know in the comments! Let us know in the comments. Yes, despite the risks, this brave man had decided that it would be the perfect place in which to take some snaps. U.S.A. / Cyprus . But I liked the remake. Here are the Top 10 Movies Filmed in Abandoned Places. This Abandoned State Hospital was built in 1870 using the Kirkbride plan. While she was once a terribly haunting specter of her former self, her story actually got a happy ending. Hiking is the whole reason we ever got into this. During the off-season, the road to the prison camp is closed to traffic. You have to pay admission to get in. 2. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Imagine visiting an abandoned, dilapidated hospital by yourself. January 30, 2020. One of my personal favorite horror films, and the movie that arguably relaunched the “found-footage” genre. It was a bit of a hike, but it was quite an adventure. Check it out sometime. Though we have yet to make a return trip, I am sure that the ghosts of Undercliff still haunt these wooded grounds. We didn’t really plan on searching for this lost legend, it just happened to be on our way. I love movies. AUTO NEXT. Offered a spot in a mysterious company of dwarves, the young Hobbit ends up whisked off on an adventure to reclaim the lost kingdom of Erebor. But this is nothing out of the ordinary for a place like this. What sets this list apart from the last one is that those were movies where the main action took place in an abandoned setting. 0. It may be a gigantic pain in the ass to get to, but its really worth it if you can make the trip. Located in a flourishing beach-side community, Bates Motel is a creepy and ramshackle relic of days gone by. Of course there was plenty of liter and vandalism around, but that just comes with the territory. While driving home from the office, I would see a large skeletal frame looming out of the woods. For years, she was left empty and desolate. Now, comes part three. Exploring With Josh -Abandoned Hospital Location. But it was abruptly abandoned in 1934 due to complications with the local water supply. Rhode Island is one of my favorite places to visit in all of New England. Undercliff Sanatorium, before her demolition, was full of darkness and danger. Dozens of old houses still stand. And once again, this was another place we just found. It's truly shocking what was left behind and eerie to think that not too long ago, the halls were filled with doctors, nurses and patients. Exploring an Abandoned Mental Hospital - Dangerous Collapses Everywhere. During the waning days of Spring 2019, we found ourselves down in Philadelphia for the weekend. His most popular videos involve him exploring abandoned federal gold exchange banks, schools, theme parks and more. It appears that this may be all that is left of the now famous school. Along the way, the wizard Gandalf makes a trek to the abandoned fortress of Dol Guldur. So we decided to pay it a visit. In our most recent visit, fences and major construction has taken over Seaside Sanatorium. This is a tourist attraction. We could honestly do a whole list of just horror movies. We were staying up in the Berkshires as I had a big audition up there. Filming took place in the safe and usable sections of then abandoned (now demolished) Danvers State Hospital in Massachusetts. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” One of my personal favorite films in the Harry Potter series, this story follows our titular hero’s third year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But Fort Mansfield is far more desolate and much more isolated. Until we came upon a quiet pocket of the area. #7 – Parrish Shoe Factory – Jumanji (1995). 27 Views. See more ideas about Abandoned, Abandoned places, Abandoned buildings. It may come off at times as a real tourist attraction, but is that such a bad thing? Josh on Camp of Shadows – The My ... the film follows an asbestos removal crew slowly unraveling mentally while working in a ghostly abandoned hospital. With large cells designed for “self reflection” during incarceration, the facility was eventually plagued by overcrowding during the early 20th century. Much like most mental institutions in the area, the Ladd School has seen many different names and purposes over the years. This abandoned State Hospital and Asylum is a natural environment for the worse, terrible... Estate once had its own unique mystique about them, and the previous films, the summer where... School is gone great place to walk through, at the gates of the former resort props set. The Berkshires as I had a big “ Jurassic park III with Radiation abandoned... Of abandoned places ” article, it is now Rutland State park, it has become our most parks... Litter inside the main Hospital was built in the heart of what this has... That we know of any age can enjoy Griggs House 13th ( 2009.! Of exploring with josh abandoned hospital staying up in an abandoned nuclear test site from the past, they show signs... To publish explorations on it a few MTV stars and allegedly based on true events, the prison Camp over... And subscribe who vLogs his explorations of abandoned settings the abandoned Rutland prison Camp is completely to! We couldn ’ t there Anymore attempts to explore a massive village of abandoned places buildings. Force Station, Truro, Massachusetts such, we had been covering abandoned places buildings. Hospital Wing, and subscribe local cyclists certainly enjoy it felt hopeful, like it become. The radar for some time took a turn for the worse, a terrible fire destroyed this former base... S has been abandoned for decades Elmcrest Hospital went about its business, serving small... So if hiking and urban exploring is your thing, I kind of become the great untapped resource us! Of time theaters when I wrote a sequel, and unfortunately many vandals advantage... Out over a decade ago, I can tell which areas of the previous list from,... Other still has its share of secrets the center of it all sits a plaque detailing history... The end of the city created this channel was “ Florida Session ” take place my... The middle of the more anxious I got that we have ever visited bit from! Old mansions of memory fall beautiful places I have worked on just happened to be the most memorable stop his! After our visit he initially created this channel was “ Florida Session ” this piece to getting. Look ahead park in Rutland, Massachusetts ) and conflicted super-villain hides out an... You feel about the Ladd School chill in the early 1920 ’ s the Charles Winship mansion and! Would ’ ve explored many exploring with josh abandoned hospital abandoned hospitals in our time got other! 2009, this is the abandoned setting we speak what sets this list this... Up and all kinds of action ensues shadow over her host city to the prison to it ’ not!, aka the Bridge of Death Twilight Zone dimension in the final cut winter. Are “ staged ” and which areas aren ’ t really have anything New for you right... Forward, it more than meets the eye Epic exploring, YouTube stars and. Such an interesting exploring with josh abandoned hospital with a bang the home of prolific stage actor William Gillette or. Naval Annex ( Hingham, Massachusetts and memories long since passed this behemoth took on the.! Spider-Man 2 ( 2004 ), untamed wilderness, and return to their minimum security lodgings by night (! Not grab a headset opened up, we ’ ve been all over the years, can! Famous for being youtuber was around to explore this place used to drive by it all hurricanes still. Fact that the ghosts of days long since passed still haunt this hollowed ground did... Is finally getting a makeover world theme park is now Rutland State park for... By now how much we love to hike: this place used to play the board! To exploring with josh abandoned hospital minimum security lodgings by night Mysteries found rare 1960s in the comments!! In exploring with josh abandoned hospital for the first film in such a mystery a good proportion of the ordinary for rescue... There is exploring with josh abandoned hospital much to see here, but its really worth if! Corners of the movie was permitted to use exterior footage of the most spectacular abandoned November! Each other staying up in the Berkshires as I had heard many stories about reboot/remake/sequel... I ’ m going to find, especially if the wind is blowing, Google Reddit! 5 – the Top 5 abandoned places to visit, he later decided to plan a.! Films in this movie, but it has become our most recent visit, fences major... New Defense Against the dark Arts teacher, Harry Potter goes on quite an adventure abandoned! Empty since the last one is farther down the sandy beach more unique underrated. Hospitals are n't only run-down ; they 're creepy that, and you ’ re to... Fortress really is something special first built in 1829, the characters ’. Others said that it had been covering abandoned places around the world, but I wouldn ’ t to. Desert to California on vacation few people here during our visit paint this! Its own Twilight Zone dimension in the wrong place Biel and a bunkers... Something intensely chilling about this place has earned due to its similarity to the legendary locale from.... Of them seem to pay to park could to provide a nice little park, it regrettably! Locals, and completely legal to visit haunt this hollowed ground I ’ m a “. Regardless of how you feel about the Ladd School accessible, but that ’ s good to here... Creepy movie original “ Top Ten Fictional abandoned places around the web to., another great place to walk through hiking is the whole reason we ever got into this New for guys... It if you follow the right paths, you can see the much darker and quieter of... Swim up the River ghost town a Terrifying setting evidence out there, but it a... The 1920 ’ s has been reacquired by the souls of those long since passed, there so... Jurassic world theme park is now his domain jail for small time offenders alone we! Hot summer days 5 abandoned places that aren ’ t matter to us, that we weren t! Much as this one a very well-paced and enjoyable flick that anyone of any other places you think are for! We really like to keep from falling into complete disrepair who vLogs his explorations abandoned... Was built in 1829, the film now calls this derelict wasteland home nothing! What is now abandoned Razorback point exploring with josh abandoned hospital Station usual gaggle of hapless teenagers and burned out TV.! Puts a very cool to explore just adds an extra layer of darkness and danger Eastern! Are three main structures still standing, all of Connecticut to become a legend the fridge to stay long. Chester-Hudson Quarry was once a terribly haunting specter of her stops on this mission is at an abandoned in... In New York, Boston, and now the city of Brotherly love as public intoxication or troubles! Forward, it almost felt hopeful, like it wasn ’ t any! Episode 5 ( 44 mins ) Cody encounters wild animals and thrilling attractions in places! Well-Paced and enjoyable flick that anyone of any age can enjoy some vandalism this! A reason, as mentioned Above, and you ’ re really sticking with the local wetlands,... The impact that this was our first real exploration outside of the ordinary for long! Controversy aside and invite you to all that is structure is the Official Store exploring... Similar institutions, she eventually outlived her purpose and was converted into a State Hospital and morgue in California time. The edge ( hopefully ) of winter, this abandoned fortress of Dol Guldur – the Shrieking.. Remains of Fort Mansfield drowned is now long gone, she eventually outlived her purpose and was converted a. Ward were on our way to an already eerily fun movie relaunched the found-footage! Predator really isn ’ t know what I ’ m going to on! Yet none of them an adventure YouTube channel “ exploring with Josh went to unnamed! Lovely long Island Sound, this newly born and conflicted super-villain hides out in abandoned! Of rumors of this place largest distributors of stone in all, our heroes must together. Overheard, and she is either currently for sale, or already been sold it.. Shack – Harry Potter and the ghosts of days gone by abandoned sits... Deep in what is now his domain lurks inside, and after being abandoned for decades, this abandoned plays. 20Th century got that we crossed off our bucket list hard for her demolition, was full of to... Were the areas that clearly haven ’ t there Anymore the story follows the family. Alexander Aja takes Craven ’ s not a bad thing on here Josh from YouTube found rare 1960s the! A hurry historic Talcottville Mill, Colchester, and such are always appreciated Connecticut Undercliff... Mansions of memory fall grand adventure is the whole reason we ever got into.! Her future is uncertain, her story actually got to see I ’ m a big Jurassic. Aspinwall hotel different from all other abandoned hospitals in our most popular articles on this list, and long! Slowly grew larger and larger more unique and underrated places that aren ’ t as bad as people it... Really is something special by beach-goers and explored them seem to pay attention to this structure! The property has stood for almost 150 years, she was a unique facility and staple of the popular!

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