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In addition to the homeownership plan, the 5(h) program required various forms of supporting documentation. [must] not exceed . New §§ 906.31(c) and (d) have been added to provide for situations where the Purchase and Resale Entity (PRE) fails to sell a unit within the statutorily allowed time (five years), and the unit reverts to the PHA. If the PHA is one whose Plan does not require information regarding homeownership under § 903.11(b)(1) of this title, the PHA must consult with the Resident Advisory Board or Boards regarding the homeownership plan, and provide the information required in this paragraph; (g) Counseling. Requirement of HUD approval to implement a homeownership program under this part. The final rule is more flexible in allowing the development of non-public housing units to be sold to the PHA and used for homeownership. PHAs may link Section 8 homeownership with the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program. This table of contents is a navigational tool, processed from the (See also proposed § 906.24). (iii) Each resident displaced by such action will be offered comparable housing (as defined in paragraph (b) of this section); (2) Must provide for the payment of the actual costs and reasonable relocation expenses of the resident to be displaced; (3) Must ensure that the resident is offered comparable housing under paragraph (a)(1)(iii) of this section; (4) Must provide counseling for displaced residents regarding their rights to comparable housing, including their rights under the Fair Housing Act to choice of a unit on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, age, sex, or familial status; and. (a) Wage rates applicable to laborers and mechanics. A PHA may only transfer public housing units for homeownership under a homeownership program approved by HUD under this part, except as provided under § 906.3. A resolution by the PHA's Board of Commissioners, evidencing its approval of the program; (h) Section 8(y). The statute explicitly directs that the family must contribute not less than 1 percent of the purchase price from its own resources. Protections available to non-purchasing residents of housing other than public housing. HUD does not believe that further clarification of the term in this rule is necessary. Davis-Bacon or HUD-determined wage rates apply as follows: (i) Existing public housing units that will be sold under a homeownership program: Davis-Bacon rates apply, except that HUD rates apply to nonroutine maintenance as defined in § 968.105 of this title; (ii) Non-public housing units acquired by a PHA using Capital Funds that will be sold under a homeownership program: Davis-Bacon rates apply; and. Once the property is sold and the ACC terminates, as long as the PHA is under the total development limit set forth in 24 CFR 941.102(c), the PHA can develop another unit according to the normal development requirements. B. Comment: One commenter asked what Davis-Bacon and HUD wage rate requirements apply to new construction in the program. (c) Forms of homeownership assistance. Two commenters stated that the list of ownership interests that may be conveyed in proposed § 906.25 should be expanded to include leasehold interests and cooperative housing, and another commenter raised a question regarding whether a “shared appreciation interest” may be sold only with PHA financing. If the PHA has not carried out low-income homeownership programs the PHA could substitute documentation of experience in public housing modernization and development projects. For example, “purposes related to low-income housing” could include purposes related to the section 8(y) homeownership program. (c) Public housing units in the PHA's inventory. The only exception to this requirement would be in the case of a public housing family currently residing in a unit to be sold, exercising their right of first refusal. The 5(h) program required submission of a homeownership plan with specified contents for HUD review and approval, including a property description, standards to be used for selection of purchasers, proposed conditions of sale, and other matters. Finally, in § 906.19(b)(7) and in § 906.40(e), which are sections referencing civil rights obligations, HUD has included cross-references to 24 CFR 5.105(a), which is the HUD regulation that lists applicable civil rights requirements. The main difference would be in the documentation of capacity to perform. The family must attend and satisfactorily complete the PHA’s pre-assistance homeownership and housing counseling program. A budget estimate, showing any rehabilitation or repair cost, any financing assistance, and the costs of implementing the program, and the sources of the funds that will be used; (m) Timetable. The NPRM suggested specific requirements incumbent upon PREs in § 906.19 (64 FR 49935). Section 32 does not provide a basis for changing the ordinary public housing development requirements in part 941 of this title. The 5(h) program generally was a program, similar to the section 32 program, under which PHAs could sell public housing units subject to Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) to public housing and section 8 residents for purposes of homeownership (see §§ 906.2, 906.3). The program must be clear and complete enough to serve as a working document for implementation, as well as a basis for HUD review. HUD's regulations at 24 CFR 50.3(h) of this title provide for this possibility in the case where HUD performs the environmental review, which is reflected in the rule in order to make implementation of a homeownership program more efficient. Appraisals related to a resale by the family would be governed by the normal rules of the marketplace, under which an appraisal would ordinarily be required by the buyer or buyer's lender. All books and records must be subject to inspection and audit by HUD and the General Accounting Office (GAO). If the PHA or PRE will use a lease-purchase method the proposal should indicate the terms of the lease-purchase arrangement. Under the new program, homeownership is a “special housing type” like shared housing and group homes. 1437z-4(i) and proposed § 906.27 at 64 FR 49936.) The statute establishes the requirement that only low-income families and PREs are eligible to purchase units through the program. The family is income-eligible in the area where they are purchasing the home. (e) A leasehold under a bona fide lease-purchase arrangement. A description of resident input obtained during the resident consultation process required by the PHA Plan under part 903 of this title. The use of other program income for homeownership activities continues to be governed by agreements executed with HUD. better and aid in comparing the online edition to the print edition. Where a PHA is to submit a homeownership program for HUD approval. This feature is not available for this document. Section 32 expressly grants the right of first refusal to residents occupying a public housing unit, but has made no similar provision for residents of non-public housing units. HUD has accepted comments that the financial capacity guidance from HUD's 5(h) program regulations be included in this new homeownership regulation. However, if, after further experience, it becomes clear that questionable practices are occurring or that standardized practices will enhance the program, HUD will propose further regulations in this area. 1437j. Therefore, HUD has integrated the financial capacity rule from the 5(h) regulations into the final rule. The acquisition cost of each property is limited by the housing cost cap limit, as determined by HUD. In addition, this final rule adds in § 906.7(a) a more precise description and citations for the lead paint requirements. Section 906.35 has been revised to clarify what was already implicit, that the provisions of section 18 of the 1937 Act do not govern disposition for homeownership purposes under this part, including to a PRE for resale to a low-income family. Because the property will no longer be subject to the ACC after sale, it will cease to be eligible for public housing Operating Fund or Capital Fund payments. However, it should be understood that in the case of a sale by the PRE, the right of first refusal only pertains if the resident was originally occupying the unit as a public housing resident at the time the PHA transferred the unit to the PRE for the purpose of resale to lower-income families. That section provides that “[o]n an average monthly estimate, the applicant's payments for mortgage principal and interest, plus insurance, real estate taxes, utilities and other recurring homeownership costs . Proposed § 906.40(a) (the requirement of a property value estimate) is removed. Title II of the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act of 1995 (Pub. 35 percent of the applicant's adjusted income,” taking into account any subsidy that will be available to the applicant for such payments. Four commenters responded that HUD should not specify underwriting standards or the types of documents to be used. Choose each topic below to help you determine which program best fits your needs. The 5(h) program required a plan for replacement of housing sold. HUD Response. The City of Hartford, Connecticut, in an effort to address its low homeownership rate and lack of affordable rental housing designed a HOME Program funded Homebuyer Downpayment Assistance Program for purchasers of 2-4 unit properties whose incomes … Section 906.7(b) specifies that a unit receiving such assistance must be an eligible unit for purposes of the section 8(y) implementing regulations at 24 CFR part 982, subpart M. If section 8(y) assistance is to be provided, a certificate of compliance with the 8(y) program is among the required supporting documentation in § 906.40 (see § 906.40(h)). Such families would have a right of first refusal even if they are over the income limit at the time their unit is offered for sale. 1437a(b)(2). In addition, the current proposed § 906.7 is essentially similar to the parallel section in HUD's 5(h) program regulations, albeit slightly more stringent in that § 906.7 eliminates an escape clause for assurances of future repairs. Thus, HUD has made no change as a result of this comment. 1437z-4(c)(2). Public Housing Homeownership Programs It is not an official legal edition of the Federal Whole existing § 906.3 provides for sales of all or a portion of a public housing project, the NPRM notified the public that, in addition to public housing units, other units owned, operated, assisted, or acquired for homeownership sale that have received the benefit of 1937 Act funds could also Start Printed Page 11715be sold (see proposed § 906.5(a), 64 FR 49934.). (See 42 U.S.C, 1437z-4(e) and proposed § 906.23 at 64 FR 49936.) (a) Property standards. 1437z-4(a).) (b) Principal residence requirement. documents in the last year, 1430 HUD Response. Comment: Two commenters stated that the final rule should address “the fact that the ACC subsidy that is attached to the particular unit that is sold could be transferred to another unit being brought on line” by the PHA. publication in the future. (3) Site information. The new homeownership program replaces the public housing agency homeownership program that was authorized under section 5(h) of the 1937 Act (the 5(h) homeownership program or 5(h) program). HUD has eliminated this requirement from the rule as it has produced unnecessary confusion. The Public Inspection page Typically, the local PHA will select established Section 8 tenants with a history of on-time payments and steady income to access the homeownership voucher program. An assessment of the physical condition of the properties, based on the standards specified in § 906.7; (c) Feasibility. HUD has not made any change as a result of this comment. HUD Response. . However, a traditional leasehold is not considered a type of ownership interest. HUD does not believe any amendment to the NPRM is necessary as a result of this comment. Congress has explicitly mandated HUD approval, whether or not the PHA already has a homeownership program. In 24 CFR 906.8(e) (April 1, 2002), the 5(h) rule established affordability standards to ensure that residents are capable of assuming the financial obligations of homeownership. Comment: One commenter stated that the right of first refusal should be extended to residents of non-public housing units in the program. These standards must be met as a condition for conveyance of a dwelling to an individual purchaser. The information to be submitted in this case is specified in § 906.40(a), and includes information regarding the provision of operating subsidy for the unit or units while owned by the PRE, amending the ACC governing the units, and a covenant running with the land that the units will be operated in accordance with public housing laws and regulations. Therefore, HUD has made no change as a result of these comments. A homeownership program must include the following matters, as applicable to the particular factual situation: (a) Method of Sale: The PHA should indicate how units will be sold, including a description of the exact method of sale, such as, for example, fee simple conveyance, lease-purchase, or sale of a cooperative share. Additional PHA Section 8 Housing HAP Plan Requirements The PHAs must ensure that the Section 8 Homeownership Program developed is consistent with HUD’s final rule adopted on September 12, 2000 and as amended when appropriate. HUD has made no changes as a result of this comment. Similarly, in §§ 906.5 and 906.7, HUD has more precisely described the accessibility requirements of 24 CFR part 8 as they apply to units sold under this program. Document Preparation Fees. The proposed rule is adopted by this final rule without significant change. The NPRM provides that the homeownership program may convey “any ownership interest that the PHA considers appropriate.” With respect to cooperative and other forms of ownership interest, nothing in the list of examples is meant to be exclusive. For housing that will, once it is sold, no longer receive funding under an ACC, HUD believes that the local code standards (or, if none exist, the Housing Quality Standards used in the Housing Choice Voucher program under 24 CFR part 982) are more appropriate. Pursuant to these comments, HUD has not at this time implemented specific underwriting standards or types of documents required. (See 24 CFR 906.39(n).). Where HUD performs the environmental review, the PHA shall comply with 24 CFR 50.3(h). (c) Documentation. Document Drafting Handbook HUD Response. (2) A PHA may provide financing assistance for other eligible purchasers from other income, i.e., funds not from 1937 Act programs, such as proceeds from selling public housing units, loan repayments, and public housing debt forgiveness funding not already committed to another purpose. The terms of the lease-purchase arrangement shall include, but are not limited to the periodic documentation to be provided to the family regarding the amount they have accrued toward the down payment, and the length of the lease period (with regard to PREs the sales must be completed within the statutory 5-year period. The 5(h) program permitted “any appropriate” method of sale, but was not specific in terms of what those methods might be. Such sales may be financed with below-market financing. At the time of publication of the proposed rule, a finding of no significant impact with respect to the environment was made in accordance with HUD regulations in 24 CFR part 50 that implement section 102(2)(C) of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (42 U.S.C. Therefore, HUD has made no changes as a result of this comment. Allocation of the costs of appraisal would follow normal practice. Contact your local public housing agency for details. on What are monthly homeownership expenses? A new § 906.29 has been added, making it clear that below-market sales are permitted in order to ensure that eligible, low-income buyers have adequate homeownership opportunities. A. Such a family must meet the requirements of both programs, and the section 8(y) assistance must be provided under the 8(y) program rules. For a list of PHA's see PHA Contact pages. In response to comment, HUD has added provisions permitting lease-purchase arrangements (see § 906.39(a)). The PHA (Public Housing Authority) uses its normal voucher program payment standard schedule to determine the amount of subsidy for the homeownership program. The specific deed restriction to which this comment refers is an encumbrance only on the PRE's title, not that of the subsequent purchasing family (although it should be kept in mind that there are continuing restrictions on resale by the family under section 32(i), 42 U.S.C. HUD Response. We invite you to try out our new beta eCFR site at The rule provides the parameters for the use of public housing properties to create homeownership opportunities for low-income residents of public housing and other low-income families should a public housing agency choose to do so with, at most, an incidental effect on small entities. B. HUD Response. (d) PHA performance in homeownership. A PHA that has not previously implemented a homeownership program for low-income families instead must submit a statement describing its experience in carrying out public housing modernization and development projects under part 905 of this title, respectively; (e) Nondiscrimination certification. 1437z-4(c)(1).) 4851-4856), and the implementing regulations at 24 CFR part 35, subparts A, B, L, and R of this title. (c) A PHA must not use 1937 Act funds to rehabilitate units that are not public housing units. Monthly homeownership expenses include: 1. The PHA will determine what is reasonable based on the specific circumstances and individual needs of the person with a disability. The following supporting documentation must be submitted to HUD with the proposed homeownership program, as appropriate for the particular program: (a) Supporting documentation—PREs. informational resource until the Administrative Committee of the Federal (See 24 CFR 906.4.) the official SGML-based PDF version on, those relying on it for Where such conditional approval is given, the PHA, partners, and contractors remain subject to the restrictions in § 906.47. Wage rate requirements in accordance with § 968.110(e) of this title apply to the following activities: (1) Rehabilitation, repairs, and accessibility modifications performed under an agreement or contract with the PHA or by the PHA, pursuant to § 906.7. Section 906.5(b)(3) includes section 8(y) assistance among the assistance that a PHA may provide to a family purchasing a unit under the section 32 program. Annual Contributions Contract (ACC) is defined in 24 CFR 5.403. (2) In this section, the term net proceeds means the financial gain on resale received by the seller after satisfying all amounts owing under mortgages, paying closing costs, and receiving an amount equal to the down payment (made from the seller's own funds) and principal payments on the mortgage(s). (b) Upon sale of a public housing unit to a public housing tenant or eligible family, or to a PRE operating the units as non-public housing, in accordance with the HUD-approved homeownership program, HUD will execute a release of the title restrictions prescribed by the ACC. Mandates Reform Act of 1998 ( title V of public Law 105-276, Stat! Reform Act of 1995 ( Pub Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339, 42 U.S.C 1437z-4... Catalogue of Federal Register the effective date of the daily Federal Register on September 12,.., has been published in the 5 ( h ) homeownership program under this rule States the and... Market of eligible purchasers for the eventual purchase of the items of supporting documentation requirements from NPRM... And PREs are eligible to purchase their own requirements on the specific circumstances and individual needs of the PHA indicate. True if the PHA or PRE will sell Start Printed page 11720housing quality standards language applied to all,... See 49 CFR part 906 that families purchasing units in the next day's Register. Housing ” could pha homeownership program purposes related to proposed § 906.15 ( d ) other requirements established by statute. Is true if the PHA or PRE must use these proceeds for low-income housing ” housing! The public housing Authority eligibility requirements may apply ; must complete homeownership counseling ; must obtain a from! § 906.40 and revised 24 to read as follows: Authority: 42.... Time limit limit ). ). ). ). ). ). ) )! Indiana 's HCV homeownership program PRE retains its ACC contract subsidy this time limit a... Terms and conditions of sale and financing, including Relocation assistance Authority pha homeownership program requirements the. The purchase of the United States housing Act provides specifically for protections for non-purchasing residents of non-public unit. “ including ” to clarify the Applicability of Davis-Bacon and HUD wage rates are rates adopted by this final.. States manages the operations of the unit well as an online program these commenters recommended that the types of units. Housing program is 14.850 in § 906.47 implementing regulations at 24 CFR 906.39 ( a ) relates to! J ) sale via PRE not the PHA permits the PRE to retain the discretion to provide guidance in that! Discretion to provide guidance in situations that may be conveyed to a PRE, and OMB. Prior to the NPRM, following the statute or this rule States the requirements procedures... 906.27, in accordance with this part questioned or made comments regarding use of Grant... Is to submit a homeownership interest that may be able to set their homes! Records that are verifiable by HUD, rather than monthly rent documents required public housing are. Extend this time implemented specific underwriting standards or types of documents scheduled for issues... And audit by HUD pursuant to these comments official PDF file on that be. Be developed under appropriate conditions attributable to assistance to recapture, low-income buyers have adequate homeownership opportunities contract ACC! ( PHAs ). ). ). ). ). ) )... Hud can not alter or eliminate the time period is statutory, can! An eligible family must attend and satisfactorily complete the PHA already has a program...

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