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Linear scalability and proven fault-tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure make it the perfect platform for mission-critical data. The new names in 0.7 will be SimpleStrategy (formerly known as RackUnawareStrategy), OldNetworkTopologyStrategy (formerly known as RackAwareStrategy), and NetworkTopologyStrategy (formerly known as DatacenterShardStrategy). The Apache Cassandra database is the right choice when you need scalability and high availability without compromising performance. Replication Strategies: Cassandra has two replication protocols or strategies which I will discuss below. The strategy for a keyspace cannot be modified, but the number of replicas can be modified. Network Topology Strategy: Using this option, you can set the replication factor for each data-center independently. by Removed the strategy from cqlsh autocomplete, including an array for replication_factor autocomplete that was only used for SimpleStrategy and OldNetworkTopologyStrategy. Cassandra’s main feature is to store data on multiple nodes with no single point of failure. Old Network Topology Strategy: This is a legacy replication strategy. The reason for this kind of Cassandra’s architecture was that the hardware failure can occur at any time. Updating the replication factor ... specify a Replication strategy class and factor settings for replicating keyspaces. Simple Strategy: As the name indicates, this is the simplest strategy. Mirror of Apache Cassandra. ... use the NetworkTopologyStrategy class. Different components of Cassandra Keyspace. Hence, Cassandra is designed with its distributed architecture. Cassandra provides two common replication strategies: SimpleStrategy and. Simple Strategy Simple Strategy is the new name for Rack-Unaware Strategy. Step-1: login into cqlsh you can log in into the cqlsh using Cassandra default credential. Contribute to apache/cassandra development by creating an account on GitHub. NetworkTopologyStrategy. The main difference between the two is whether you have a single data center or your Cassandra cluster spans multiple data centers. In this article, we are going to discuss how to create the database in Cassandra. In this strategy, the first replica is placed on the selected node and the remaining nodes are placed in clockwise direction in the ring without considering rack or node location. In the next section, let us focus on SimpleStrategy. For NetworkTopologyStrategy, the dictionary should look like {'Datacenter1': '2', 'Datacenter2': '1'}. The replication strategy is specified during the creation of a keyspace. strategy_options is a dictionary of strategy options. Strategy: There are two types of strategy declaration in Cassandra syntax: Simple Strategy:; Simple strategy is used in the case of one data center. Apache Cassandra vs. Apache Ignite: Thoughts on Simplified Architecture Learn about the dark side of Cassandra's data modeling concept and learn how to get around it with simpler architecture. Any node can be down. so, for better understanding you can read “Introduction to Cassandra” article before creating a database in Cassandra. the names of the strategies are changing. Strategy name Description; Simple Strategy' Specifies a simple replication factor for the cluster. A simple example of querying Cassandra by creating a keyspace and then using it. In case of failure data stored in another node can be used. The strategies that Cassandra provides by default are available as SIMPLE_STRATEGY, NETWORK_TOPOLOGY_STRATEGY, and OLD_NETWORK_TOPOLOGY_STRATEGY. SimpleStrategy

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