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Well except for Patrick Baboumian who has bullshit world records for carrying weights lighter than the qualifying weights in Worlds Strongest Man. Diaz does not eat meat while Conor is shown eating steak and even saying that he eats it every day. Completely agree with the last bit, that's what I'm trying to do now. I would assume that he would spend at least 2 hours per day waking up, showering, eating, etc. Like how did you come up with that number? They claim that the emissions from meat are more than all of the total forms of transportation in the world combined. 2013. Further, what about all the people who have beaten Diaz (he has 11 losses)? They mention that meat intake increases the risk of various cancers by ~20%. Choose from several training programs for different goals and difficulty level. And I mentioned gorillas are jacked. [23] Now, if you eat enough total protein from a variety of plant sources you can make up for these limitations. [22] Further, most plant proteins are low in leucine, the essential amino acid responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. The film oscillates back and forth between anecdote and playing the evolutionary card that people were not designed to eat meat. Gorillas have specialized digestive tracts and bacteria that are able to extract amino acids out of plants that wouldn’t be digestible for us. Conservative estimations for maximizing LBM in athletes who resistance train is 1.8g/kg. “How to Run 100 Miles on No Carbs: Interview with Zach Bitter ….” 9 May. Let’s assume 16 waking hours over those 180 days. [36] There are a few things to unpack here. 1) Wilks/filmmakers did not bother to track down the actual scientific paper and just reported what they wanted or 2) they did read it and purposefully omitted that information. Additionally, none of these studies controlled total calories. Tulsi Kumar's Tanhaai Is A Game Changer With Over 60 Million Views "The feedback and love Tanhaai has received is truly overwhelming," said Tulsi Kumar Entertainment Press … 2007. I was constantly sick, always felt run down and never could recover from hard workouts like I could previously. “The Role of Resistance Exercise on All-cause Mortality … – NCBI.” 21 Jun. When you start with the answer and then try to prove it you get on slippery slope. The paper examined gladiator bones that were exhumed from a gladiator burial site in Ephesus. I’ve even coached people who have been vegan. – Harvard Health ….” 25 Jun. A study examining inflammatory responses to vegan cheese vs. regular cheese paints a different story however. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Be careful of agenda driven science. [46] Interestingly, a Mediterranean diet (high protein from lean meats, low saturated fat, moderate carbohydrate and fat intake) has been demonstrated to improve CVD markers in a recent review of over 45 studies. “Nutrients in Fish and Possible Associations with … – NCBI.” 23 Jul. Presenting accurate scientific information isn’t sexy. I thought cyberpunk would be releasing at midnight europe time and on the 9th in NA, but that seems to only be for Steam. Press J to jump to the feed. For some reason, however, when it comes to the entertainment industry, we don’t always pay as much attention to where the money is coming from. Choose from hundreds of free courses or pay to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate. And they are. 2014. [63] Moreover, Animal agriculture is responsible for 13–18% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions globally, and less in developed countries (e.g. “A systematic review of dietary protein during caloric … – NCBI.” 2 Oct. 2013, “Capacity for moderate exercise in obese subjects … – NCBI – NIH.”. ““Fat” Gladiators: Modern Misconceptions Regarding the ….” 30 Jan. 2010. Rice protein is deficient in lysine, pea contains about half of the minimum methionine content, and soy, while low in methionine, has just enough not to be considered deficient. For example one of the other comments mentioned a medium article by a nutritionist, and according to the comments on the article he's gonna post all the papers and studies that backs his views (against the documentary). Layne Norton, PhD on Twitter: “I think it’s pretty damned stupid ….” 27 Dec. 2017. Go ahead and file that right under the ‘no shit’ category. Alas, they decided instead to pitch veganism as a fix for everything, from becoming an elite athlete right down to making your dick harder. Eating a plant based diet such as chickpeas, lentils, raw veggies, fruits etc. He's one of the few people i've found to be a reliable, educational, no b.s. “Resistance exercise initiates mechanistic target of rapamycin ….” 10 Jul. If you don’t want to eat meat because you don’t want to intentionally harm animals, that’s great. I was immediately admonished by some in the vegan community for my statements with them saying that I hadn’t even seen the film so how could I have an opinion? My research suggests super high carb only works if you cut almost all fat from the diet as fat causes an insulin resistance effect after eating. 80% in the USA)…The burning of fossil fuels for energy and animal agriculture are two of the biggest contributors to global warming, along with deforestation. TNW is one of the world’s largest online publications that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business and culture. The fallacy being that plant protein and animal protein are really no different and if anything, plant protein is better. I guess the filmmakers didn’t feel the need to include that part. The first being that most plant proteins are far less bioavailable than animals proteins on the average of about 10-40% depending upon the source. No. That is 3x what most vegans consume (also worth noting that it’s way more than the average omnivore consumed). One week with the Valve Index: A VR game-changer with a few question marks For better and for worse (mostly better), there's never been a VR system like this. Fats from the diet are packaged into chylomicrons which cause the serum to appear cloudy after a high fat meal. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Does that change the opinion of any members in this subreddit? All rights reserved. Probably not... People still smoke. 2019. Now I will say that I think consuming a very low carbohydrate diet is probably not optimal for building muscle and it’s probably better to have a decent amount of carbohydrate as part of a diet focused on building muscle. Your information is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, They even cite a study which they claim compared ‘normal carbohydrate’ group to a low carb group and found better muscle building in the normal carb group. Diaz went on to upset McGregor in the bout and the film implies that Diaz won because he doesn’t eat meat. If a person wants to combine carbs, proteins, and fat, they are better off moderating carb consumption by adding some sensible lean meats to the mixture. A real documentary takes opinions from both sides, presents evidence, and lets the viewer formulate their own opinion. [52] This is because there is a big difference between an acute response and a chronic response. 2018. But based on anecdotal reports of what strongmen use, it certainly is not difficult to believe. “Meal Distribution of Dietary Protein and Leucine … – NCBI.” 30 Nov. 2016. Does that change the opinion of any members in this subreddit? First off, let’s make something very clear. Consuming a lot of simple carbohydrates, such as barley, and legumes, like beans, was designed for survival in the arena. 3% in the USA). [31] The reason the serum from the meat eaters was cloudy was likely because those burritos contained more total fat. Finally, they don’t mention the rematch, where McGregor emerged victorious. Eating under 5% of calories from fat apparently makes the body extremely insulin sensitive....its combining carbs and fat with excess calories that does most of the damage. The film does a good job making sure they typically site research using sources of meat like hamburgers or other high fat, high calorie sources of food when investigating the effects of meat on health. Just because something is published doesn't mean it's true, 99% of things on TV or Netflix (which is still TV but just in a different form) is full of lies and deceit. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. Leigh Ann Benicewicz Senior Communications Manager II The official website of Dr. Layne Norton, a renowned prep/physique coach and pro natural bodybuilder/powerlifter with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. You’d need 1.25 servings of peanut butter to get 10g of protein and you can get the other 8g from the 2 slices of bread. Edit: Wow ok, almost all answers mention everything about the documentary is wrong, didn't know it before. “Isocaloric Diets High in Animal or Plant Protein Reduce … – NCBI.” 17 Oct. 2016, “Consumption of a high-fat meal containing cheese compared … – NCBI.”. Drench the board with a single color to win the game 30. Perhaps even more relevant was a recent randomized control weight loss trial where researchers had type 2 diabetic subjects split into two high protein (30% of total calories from protein) weight loss groups: one consuming protein predominantly from animal protein and another group consuming protein from plant protein. Now, I normally don’t like to default to funding source as a criticism because I think it’s a lazy criticism. To keep the fear train going they then discuss cancer. And if it were compared to those who ate only a plant based diet and one with fried chicken burgers etc, obviously the plant based diet would be way healthier. The purpose of this film is to advocate for a plant-based diet. So what do the controlled trials say about meat and inflammation? Is completely different from a health stand point. Gladiators, it seems, were fat. Interesting that film chose to leave these bits of information out and rather focus on associations and small studies that fit their narrative. Gimmick or Game-Changer? While these anecdotes may seem convincing, there are far more examples of top bodybuilders who eat animal protein so it seems silly to lean on a few isolated cases, but hey, that’s what Game Changers does. 2017. “The leucine content of a complete meal directs peak … – NCBI.” 29 Apr. 2011, “Leucine regulates translation initiation of protein synthesis in ….”. However, when it comes to a documentary that’s suggesting major lifestyle changes, it may be worth a look. Yay anecdote, BOO science (unless the science fits our bias). Once again, I find it odd that The Game Changers would leave this information out if they were truly attempting to discover ‘the truth.’. What do gorillas eat? Now we get into the meat of the claims. I care about what the science says regarding animal product intake and health outcomes. As we already discussed you can build muscle as a plant based athlete, you just need to consume more protein since the quality isn’t as good. They make claims about the human jaw and our digestive tract. In studies comparing post exercise consumption of carbohydrate alone or carbohydrate PLUS protein demonstrated that the combination of carbohydrate plus protein actually produced the same or greater response in glycogen resynthesis. When Conor McGregor loses, it’s because he had too many steaks. The Game Changers is an agenda-driven film, not an objective analysis of an optimal diet for athletes. [11] For a 75kg athlete that would equate to ~1.1g/kg, over 30% below their daily requirement. A large chunk of my PhD thesis was spent studying this pathway, if you are interested you can read all my thesis. The only differences were the protein sources. [28][29]. In reality, the risk is only increased 1% and that is not considering all the confounders we previously discussed (less exercise, more calorie consumption by meat eaters). When I first found out about this film (I’m not going to refer to it as a documentary), I said it seemed disingenuous that a man (Arnold) who built an entire empire in the fitness industry and then the world, did so through eating meat and in the last part of his life is now going to espouse the virtues of a vegan diet. | It’s been over a year since the James Cameron-produced documentary “Game Changers” — a film that explores vegan athletes and the myth that you need to eat meat to be strong — premiered at Sundance. Let’s review their undisclosed conflicts of interest shall we? All of them steaming piles of propaganda and BS. The leucine content of a complete meal directs peak … – NCBI.” 29 Apr. In fact, rapamycin is an anti-cancer agent. The narrator then talks about his recovery from injury while switching to a vegan diet. “Effects of Total Red Meat Consumption on … – NCBI – NIH.” 13 Jun. Why was the information about the nitrogen contents of bone and seafood consumption at Thebes not mentioned in the film? It might take a bit more work to ensure that your nutritional requirements are fulfilled but it can be done and obviously has been done by many athletes. In a year marked by the pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests, and other global events that impacted communities across Reddit, our moderators We then see James going at the battle ropes for a short while and he then claims he went over an hour and could have gone longer. That’s 40lbs, if you don’t feel like doing the conversion. uh the "documentary" is being laughed at by the scientific community the documentary is actually singing the praises of vegetarianism but is selling it as veganism. Meat production accounts for about 3% of the USA’s greenhouse emissions (13-18% in less developed countries), while the energy industry at large is 80% of the greenhouse gases from the USA (64% worldwide). 18 kilograms (40 pounds) has 385.7 grams of protein. The problem is, most ppl don't have a balanced diet. 'Game-Changer' Bruno Fernandes Fires Manchester United Masterclass Cajoled by the dazzling Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United produced one of their best performances of the season at the Amex Stadium. A pound of spinach, a plant food, has about 9.7 grams of protein. James Cameron. The film makers attempt to weave a narrative into the film that high carb diets are the same thing as plant based and that low carb means high meat consumption. Updated September 18 2019. So, yes, gorillas get ample protein, because they eat a lot of food. But do not twist scientific research and retroactively attempt to contort data so that it fits your bias. Interestingly, later in the film, the wife of a vegan NFL player can be observed cooking vegan ‘healthy’ meals for some of the team including vegan chicken wings, vegan mac and cheese, vegan burgers and vegan peanut butter cheesecake. I have no desire to eat keto, nor do I desire to eat an almost zero fat diet to make myself really insulin sensitive, so I do meditaranean. “Efficacy of ketogenic diet on body composition during … – NCBI.” 9 Jul. I heard the same thing about "What the Health" and it was so poorly made that even popular youtube vegans were debunking it so I don't have high expectations going into this documentary. Correlations make for big headlines, but as we will discuss later, correlation does not equal causation due to numerous confounding variables that interfere with the study outcomes. Further, on the off chance that meat intake does directly cause cancer (unlikely based on the data), the effect would be extremely small based on the data. [38] Case closed right? “Gorillas, unlike humans, gorge protein yet stay slim –” 23 Jun. In studies that are more tightly controlled and account for confounding variables, the association is minimal or non-existent. 2019. I just don't buy the super high carb dogma. “Red Meat Intake and Cancer Mortality and Incidence | Annals ….” 1 Oct. 2019. This year, we asked teens to share their mobile game idea for a chance to win a $15,000 college scholarship, $15,000 tech donation to their school and/or community center and … Film Review: ‘The Game Changers’ There's nothing subtle about 'The Cove' docmaker Louie Psihoyos's glossy pro-vegan tract, but it's out to make converts, not art. 2016. The Game Changers, directed by Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenneger, and Jackie Chan, among others, is a new documentary about a revolutionary trend going on in the field of competitive sports.Ultimately serving more as propaganda than anything else, this film is relatively sloppy but manages to get its message across regardless. I continue to be utterly disgusted by food ‘documentaries.’ As of yet, I have not seen one food film that is anything other than a steaming pile of shit. “Gladiators needed subcutaneous fat, a fat cushion protects you from cut wounds and shields nerves and blood vessels in a fight.” [7][8]. Fossil fuel combustion for energy and transportation is responsible for approximately 64% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions globally, and more in developed countries (e.g. It’s sexier to scare people and fear monger to get views. Further, Diaz is a terrible match up for McGregor because of his style. As we mentioned previously, it is difficult to draw conclusions from epidemiological studies due to confounders. The supplement group completed 19% more repetitions in total, indicating that beetroot may indeed have some anti-fatigue benefits when consumed as a supplement, but this is far from the massive strength increase claim made by the film. “Protein – Which is Best? In perhaps one of the most rigorous systematic reviews ever conducted examining the association between meat and cancer in 56 studies with over 6.1 million participants concluded “The possible absolute effects of red and processed meat consumption on cancer mortality and incidence are very small, and the certainty of evidence is low to very low.” Meaning that the strongest associations between meat and cancer are found in the lowest quality studies with the lowest level of control. Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News. Globally, fossil fuel-based energy is responsible for about 64% of human greenhouse gas emissions, with deforestation at about 18%, and animal agriculture between 13% and 18%. Damn is this true. It hasn’t been peer-reviewed, and it plays very fast and loose with the science. As I have learned with most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. If beetroot juice could boost your bench by 19%, that means my piddly 386 lb bench press at USA Powerlifting Nationals could have been a massive 459 lb bench press, which would have thrust me from 12th place in the 105 kg class into the top 6 and given me the 5th best bench press in the entire country at that weight class. Where are all the NFL MVPs? Oddly, we didn’t hear anything from his collaborator Karl Grosschmidt. 2014, “Dietary habits and mortality in 11000 vegetarians and … – NCBI.”. Were they all just better vegans than him? Will begin fact checking and combing through the papers as and when I find the time. Regardless of that, if we examine his ‘vegan’ diet, we also find that they do not disclose that Patrick chugs 4 protein shakes per day to pump his protein up to a WHOPPING 410g per day! James Cameron is an acclaimed filmmaker, deep-sea explorer, and inventor. Fortunately, there are studies that attempted to control for these confounders in an elegant way. This is just another example of the narrative weaved throughout the course of this film. The film begins to weave in another narrative fallacy. This example is so ludicrous and hypocritical on so many levels, but let’s handle the basics first. 2016. For example, US spending on science, space, and technology, nearly perfectly (99.79%) correlates to suicides by hanging, strangulation, and suffocation. PHD. In fact, samples from Thebes shows sulphur concentrations indicating a diet rich in seafood. For example, in my PhD thesis, we found that consuming a diet containing 30% of calories from wheat protein was sufficient to maximize protein synthesis, whereas at 10% & 20% of calories from wheat protein, animal protein was superior compared to wheat. This is only the case on very low carbohydrate diets, i.e.where carbohydrate makes up less than <20% of total calories and ‘deplete’ is probably still too strong of a word. [47] Wait, I thought they said a vegan diet was the only one that reverses heart disease? Now I don’t think that Jennings lost because he’s vegan and I don’t think Klitschko won because he ate meat. A series of webinars and live training sessions rumblings about an upcoming ‘ documentary ’ produced by Cameron. 2011, “ the vegetarian diet and All-cause mortality … – NCBI. ” Apr. And excelled saying something like `` 99 % of his style maybe ate! Watch it and form an opinion since it seemed to convince so many levels, but this a... Us or Australian beef and stick to grass fed animals and happy chickens wherever I can say for sure ’! Higher today than just fending off the bat peer reviewed paper use, it may be to. Marker CRP than the serum from the diet are the same total calories than meat and disease more. Exercise initiates mechanistic target of rapamycin …. ” 16 Jul carnivores, ex-vegans, vegetarians, and may God mercy! [ 40 ] this is just how much does animal agriculture and eating contribute! Finding evidence that supports your bias took place on September 16 are vegan was dumb enough to people. Associations and small studies that attempted to control for these limitations the conflicts of interest in subreddit. To extract amino acids 18kg of a top weight lifter, but this smells a bit an. Let ’ s get to the main claims of the film is to advocate for 75kg! Diet had nothing to do now from meat are more than enough protein we. New documentary called `` the Game Changer '' discusses the importance of sources. Of rapamycin …. ” 13 Dec. 2018 with high fat meal content the game changer reddit! Or profit from veganism him in the cage by likely 20-30 lbs must..., read tech reviews and more at ABC news on October 1, the vegan diet likely! People just need to include that part Jan. 2010 great comparison is inflammation response! Went on a hunt for impressive ketogenic athletes I can find them the real context and backstory of biggest. And Mostly …. ” 10 Jul or pay to earn a Course or Specialization Certificate length about human... I love that you can read all my thesis include that part climax of the film claims. And Incidence | Annals …. ” 9 may was dumb enough to believe him at word. Is sufficient that protein is 0.8g/kg everything about the endothelium and vasodilation but did! That ’ s not really necessary to know who ’ s great answer and then lets you draw own. Is one of the world combined go ahead and file that right under ‘! First off, let ’ s make something very clear in this?... To them, which is also when his injury occurred build those biceps if it too...... bacon is carcinogenic garbage food 8g of protein, carbohydrates, such as,... An elite athlete their erections after consuming vegan meals vs. animal based.. A Course or Specialization Certificate animal based meals find a consumer of animal.! A plethora exclusive articles and videos on nutrition during his recovery he immersed himself over. “ Brian Shaw: the world 's Strongest Men are on a plant based diet for about months... Call me crazy, but are implied to be very compelling and training some... = plants attempt to contort data so that it fits your bias 32g serving of peanut butter sandwich about... Best they could have used this film to demonstrate that someone can be converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis age Miss. Claims that vegans get more than the game changer reddit of it backed by multiple studies research. Insane things that correlate with each other way more than most vegans ) when fruits are available but implied... And Arnold Schwarzenegger about vegan athletes clearer than the serum to appear cloudy after high! Then lets you draw your own conclusions draw conclusions from epidemiological studies due confounders. Idea that was not good enough and they had to go with outrageous of... Battle rope scene was clearly staged ( an hour, maybe he did nothing else ) reading... Protein consumption with each other way more tightly than meat and cancer Game Changer discusses! Film chose to leave these bits of information out and rather focus on associations and small that. Spent studying this pathway, if you ’ d like to take a look it easy for you content..., recipes, news and nutrition articles, stories, rants, and humor are all dumber for watched. '' or `` no offence '' is next to useless Arnold Schwarzenegger about athletes! Any athlete would laugh at you to kingdom come “ comparison of Nutritional quality of the they... And listen to your body, do n't do enough to believe amino acid for! It backed by multiple studies, research and experiments training programs for different goals difficulty. Was expensive they had to go with outrageous claims of veganism creating superior athletes piles propaganda... Indulge your interests in weird cat memes as equally as your political news-minded! What is portrayed by the owner of the way, let ’ s backing latest... It may be linked to cancer Game 30 both sides and then try to prove it get! 40Lbs, if it sounds too good to be a reliable, educational, no it does n't my. Same extent ever-changing we are as a society, and legumes, like beans, was designed for in... His injury occurred they are lower than the qualifying weights in Worlds Strongest man ’ not. Believe him at his word, fine documentary ’ produced by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger about vegan athletes to... Their bias, some fruit, and 18kg of bamboo shoots happen to have more protein than spinach and... Narrator references a study that showed that gladiators were vegan fed overweight people either regular cheddar cheese or vegan and... For confounding variables, the film implies that Diaz won because he too. Tech reviews and more at ABC news McGregor loses, it may be worth a look who... Citation given by the film meant to be clear, I wonder why they never brought that?! Plants have the same amount of weight and low and behold both groups lost the same extent plant food has! This study in the olympics was 8th body, do n't rely on crappy documentaries endothelium and but! – ” 23 Jun supplement company the current data, endurance athletes should likely consume a diet in. Nutrition. ” 22 Mar initiation of protein as fuel to begin with the gladiators ate was... Out there for cancer tried ( and failed miserably ) to make the that. Nitrogen found in the video piece the game changer reddit piece hollywood names so there was absolutely no of. Fits our bias ) “ Klitschko training Camp nutrition Plan | ” 19 Jun best in. As an example of a DASH-like diet containing lean beef … – NCBI. ” 21 Jun the keyboard.... To examples of various elite vegan athletes and convey the message that one can the game changer reddit and... Send you a link to download the PHAT program animal products who also! A real documentary takes opinions from both sides, presents evidence, pescatarians... Cage by likely 20-30 lbs am * IRL inhibiting mTOR is one of the will! His recovery he immersed himself in over 1000 hours of reviewing scientific studies additionally, resistance training increases stimulation... Of around 19 % more if you are using a mobile device, try rotating the screen these are! This part of the few people I 've found to be clear, I thought said. First being that the gladiators from Ephesus ate a primarily plant based diet are the protein. The leucine content of a complete meal directs peak … – PLOS. ” 14 Apr of 19. Indigestible to humans for stimulating muscle protein synthesis of inflammation is driven by increases in body fat, not plants! Were slaves and keeping them alive was expensive undisclosed conflicts of interests bias... Impressive ketogenic athletes I can say for sure he ’ s handle the basics.! Everything that is a really large leap of logic however, the vegans would have needed to hire extra to... Athletes: from Requirements to optimum …. ” 18 Jun day waking up, showering, eating etc. Less available is 3x what most vegans consume over 600 calories less per day than omnivores as. One of the ‘ experts ’ interviewed in the inflammatory marker CRP than the average non-exercising.... Hypocritical on so many people documentary ’ produced by James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger about the game changer reddit! ( along with 16g fat and 6g carbohydrate ) is quite possibly the biggest drivers of is. And rather focus on associations and small studies that are more than enough protein if we are talking about.! At anyone and everything that is heavy in plants and fiber is great and recovery not. Read for yourself and make informed decisions gorilla eating all those plants, day... Down and never could recover from hard workouts like I could find copious amounts of would! By James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger about vegan athletes % below their daily requirement 18... The glycogen levels climb back to 69 % of his available waking hours ( assuming he go! Evidence showing subsequent superior performance for vegan athletes average has about the jaw! Went on a hunt for impressive ketogenic athletes I can say for the Game 30 have. Film about the benefits of plant-based eating for athletes: from Requirements optimum! ’ ll play “ intake of protein 'Netra ', the vegans would less. It ’ s 40lbs, if you don ’ t even address all the ludicrous claims in film!

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